Daily yoga

Enter the soothing sanctuary for the body, heart, and mind with our complimentary daily morning and afternoon yoga classes led by our certified yoga instructor. Uncover your true nature, discover your true self, find your true essence, and deepen the connection to your inner radiance through our yoga practice. By listening to your breath and appreciating what your body is capable of, you may find solace, reflection, joy, and acceptance

Rice Field Trekking

Seize the day and forge memories of a lifetime by exploring Sidemen Paradise through our plethora of activity choices. Move your spirituality in our complimentary daily morning and afternoon treks through the stunning rice fields and discover the warmth and hospitality of the local people.

Picnic Side The River

Embrace the rural life deeper with our three-hour exploratory adventure to the top of a hill where a divinely beautiful Balinese shrine sits and immerse yourself in the quiet grandeur of nature as you take a refreshing dip in the river on the way back.

Cooking Experience

Enter the fascinating world of Balinese cuisine as you are given a hands-on sensory experience to learn our exotic ingredients and unique culinary culture in our traditional open-air kitchen.